Get Earn 20 GBP lot for you from you refered friends

GET Earn 20 GBP from lot you refer friends our managed GBP account
We payd you for forex cfds refferals affiliate investor broker metatrader4 5

forex cfds commodity managed account earn money for affiliate refferal 20 GBP

Refer friends which open live managed GBP account here with us
Open new metatrader4 live account.If account will be managed Our company share 50-80% from clear profit with investor,more invest means more %.We prepare agreement profitsharing with each investor.

2. When you refered friend for fast proces is needed let us know that customer fill online application and sent id.
Please let us know over this form when you know customer name,email and planed managed deposit sum in GBP.

Click on this baner with red characters and opened contact form when fill customer email and name when you know.

3. We share 50-80 % profit with investor which you refered.
When you refer 3 or more customer which deposited 3000 GBP or more on managed
you recive extra bonus +10 % from profit from yours refered managed accounts.
We are moneymanagers company and success traders all the world

Advantages this broker

-Full regulated included NFA
Many Platforms our moneymanagers use metatrader4 5 platform
ahares,cfds,ILS,Index,conversions,metals ,shares ahares usa
shares germany
Maybe to create portfolio Example gold,DAX,FTSE,EUR/USD,GPB/USD

Register customer for period managed account or you wish be our partner,moneymanager,broker
please all use this form and fill what you interest we will be contact you over skype chat or email.
For all our managed account customers we provide free login to our education portal for forex free video,doc,mp3.



At registration this user in registration form type is needed type your name or nick on our portal in field ´´Your Interest´´

Under this we identify that you sent customers.If customer fill your name at registration he recive from us any system and education material free please write this info on yours site or mesagers and users will be filled this glad at registration.

After registration we will be contact customer for copy trade and period managed account.

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